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Hey there guys. My name is Marcus and in this Blog Post I'm going to show you and explain to pricing plans and which one you should definitely choose or use and when you're starting with QuickBooks, it also depends on which country are you from. So I believe that if you're from the Australia, their pricing plans of QuickBooks will be different. Also if you're from in the UK. So I'm just going to review the US here and that's pretty much it.

So first things first, you have options to have a free trial for 30 days, or you would get 50% off for three months. You need to calculate it by yourself, which one suits you the best. So if I'm going to have like, let's say that I would choose Essential and I would have 20 $40 that I would save in a few months, or I can have a free trial. So having a free trial is a really good if you don't know if you want to use QuickBooks, I would go with a free trial and choose it. If I know that, I don't know if I want to use QuickBooks, I don't know if I will just use it.

But what I can do is to test it out and see that okay, I don't like QuickBooks, so I won't use it. But with the free months, you can save good money. So, I like to calculate a lot as you see. So that's what you can do. Now this is the beginning.

Then you have options to have a simple start, essential plus advanced, it really depends on what you actually need and what you actually want, right? So, okay, this is in every seam. But then you see that what are the bonuses here? That many people just simple start is going to be enough for them. But then you can also in essential include free users, manage and pay bills, track time.

Here you can also track inventory, track project, profitability, and then in advance you get to create everything, automated workflows, restore company data, business analytics, inside batch invoices, and expenses. And you can include more users. So that's really important. If you're going to have more accountants, that's pretty good too. So that's something you might think about.

Now, you can also bookkeeping set up at a $50 onetime session. You can do it too. Or you have option if you don't need all these, you can be a freelancer for 750 a month for three months. Of course, then you're going to pay $15 and you're going to see track income, expenses, capture organized receipts, estimate cortisol taxes, track miles, run basic reports. 

Now, as you can see, having self-employed like I'm self-employed, I would be using this program. But maybe essentially, it's going to be good for you or us. But this is pretty much it. And this review is pretty much it about QuickBooks online pricing plans. So, thank you guys so much for reading and have a great day and goodbye. See you.

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