About Akhon Post

About Akhon Post

Akhon Post is an online news portal that aims to provide accurate and objective news and views for the audience across the country. With the slogan of the online Technical portal started its journey in 01th February 2022. Akon Post is owned by Tech Mahbub Youtube Channel. The Tech Mahbub Youtube Channel is a big concern of the Threshold Engineering of Companies.

This online is different and unique than other online technical portals because it practices ‘technical’ journalism, which provides readers post of home and abroad along with teaching knowledge, and web story.

Powered by a group of young, enthusiastic, and experienced Engineer, Akhon Post prioritizes on the storytelling pattern of the blog post to guide its readers/student to understand the most complicated issues easily.


Dhaka Post aims to provide the most updated news to its readers within the shortest possible time. In this journey to provide news quickly, Dhaka Post always tries to be accurate, objective and unbiased.


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