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We will see how three nuns fall after a boy to fulfill their needs and what the names do to the boy and the names can fulfill the needs, the story starts with showing the city of Italy where people are dying of plague at that time, the next boy we are one We see the man painting in the church, from his speech we understand that he has been working here for a long time but he has not received any salary for this work yet, so he goes to the father of the church to ask for his salary, when he goes to the father he sees the play The man is momentarily dismayed to find that he has died of the disease.

He ends up getting his salary but then he comes to his mind and makes himself the father of this uncle. Later in the scene we see a boy named Lorenzo who was actually running to save himself from the man whose name is Army Nazar Dosha. German had leaked many secret information so he was looking for him to kill. Lorenzo managed to escape from there but Germinal's anger did not subside so he ordered to kill Lorenzo. After learning this, all Narendra's friends asked him to flee the city so that He can live. Next son we see a princess named Pam Pania. She was praying in front of her parents' picture. In fact, the prince's parents died of plague. Then he went there.

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Measurement uses this opportunity to talk to the prince to come to the prince and says to the German princess, what will you do now? from had many debts which he could not pay accordingly now I am the claimant of this property so if you want me not to embezzle these properties then you marry me On the other hand we show Lorenzo running for his life because the people who meet him will kill him As he was running behind him, Lorenzo saw a man carrying a dead body. Lorenzo asked the man how the dead man died. The man said that the dead man was a gardener next door. 14 He could not hear or speak. no

Infected and dying, Lorenzo comes up with an idea that if he takes refuge in this church, he can escape from the germinal hand. Immediately the German people come there, ashamed to sit on a tree so that the German people can't see Lorenzo. And they move forward so lorenzo survives like this time but lorenzo's luck is not good he goes up on the tree branch it breaks and falls down so lorenzo gets hit very hard due to falling from so high there he faints then nothing happens to Narendra He came to him and took one to the church. After taking him to the church, the two of them looked at Narendra in a bad light. The two of them started working together at Lorenzo's places. Lorenzo regained his senses. There was another one lying there feigning unconsciousness.

Senior no he comes and tells the other two they need a dumb and deaf man to work these four then those two name names this guy is dumb and deaf hearing this senior no is very happy comes and puts Lorenzo to work then 3 shifts and We show Princess Pam Pania Germaine comes to the four for shelter, fed up with her work, where Lorenz brings the two nen. Temperature, who after arriving, the two of them are dressing her in 44 clothes, then Happynor's eyes fall on Lorenzo. Pam Pania is the name she has. Asks the boy then who is senan pam paniya this boy works as a gardener here he can't talk and hear next boy we show lorenzo was working in the garden then there is a nana share lorren yuga calls him to the forest and start romancing him but they Seeing that he cannot do these things in the forest, he is very jealous.

Because in her heart she has fallen in love with Lorenzo, on the other hand, the prince of the Russian kingdom has not been there for a long time and arrives at the palace to meet the girl, but there he meets a man whose man belittles the prince of the kingdom and says, "Get out of here, because I don't get it, and now I will marry you." No, she wants to marry me now. After hearing this, the prince feels very bad, so he leaves the palace to go to his kingdom, but he meets a man of the prince on the road. The man tells the prince the truth. He ran away from here and took refuge in the neighboring state 146. There he is waiting for you. As soon as he heard this, the prince went out to find Pam Pania. Then we see that two names came to Lorenzo like that day. They also enjoyed Lorenzo a lot. On the other hand, Pam Pania. I was suffering a lot in my heart.

Because she fell in love with Lorenzo, she wanted Lorenzo not to do this to anyone, so she always kept Lorenzo in her eyes. One day, Lorenzo started singing, thinking that there was no one around, then Pam Pania saw him. Knowing this, Pam Pania made a plan. Khayal Orange calls him and blindfolds him then people say I love you and want to marry you Pam Paniya leaves from there Lorenzo is blindfolded Lorenzo doesn't understand who said this to him then 50 was leaving then he is a Nana says that Lorenzo is actually doing baba boya drama, I heard him singing in his ear. When Sunan hears this, he immediately kicks Lorenzo out of the farm as Lorenzo has nowhere to go, so he takes shelter on the road. To see Pam Paniya go.

Lorenzo says I have no place to stay and I don't have a job. Lorenzo gets many requests to take him with him. At one point Pam accepts Lorenzo's offer and takes him with him. Paniya was going to find a girl bathing in the pond then the prince told the girl I am Rupsa that prince and I am here to look for Pam Paniya then the girl played a trick she told the prince I love you Peniya prince believed the girls Because he will never meet someone he has never seen with his own eyes he returns to the palace and they are talking to each other when Jovenia says I loved a girl and blindfolded me with the girl and gave me pappy and said he loves me and wants to marry me but the problem is that I am his I did not see the face.

Lorenz hears this on her face Pam Pania is very happy because now she knows that Lorenzo loves her then Pam Pania Lorenz tells him I know the girl if you want to know then give me pappy right away then you will know the girl Lauren agrees to Champagne. Goes and when Pappi wants to give it to him, Germina comes and sees Alo Rajya doing this and starts beating him. Lorenzo and Zani start fighting. Lorenzo loses to the chairman and Arju is imprisoned. The next day, Onion and Meena. Says ok I will marry you but I have one condition that you will leave Lorenzo before marriage. After hearing this, Jamin also agrees and calls a priest to the palace to officiate their marriage. Oh man, the man we saw painting in the church at the beginning of the movie then Pennis. .

After speaking, he gave him some money and told him to avoid postponing the date as much as possible and started acting as if the wedding date was postponed. Germaine got very angry and held his liquid down his throat. And the two of them started fighting the German people and when the fight was almost at the end and you know Narendra was fighting and while fighting German fell into a big well and he died there then he covered his face and came to the prince saying I tell you Saying that she can't marry, she pulls the cloth from her face and says Prince, don't you take the Pampa I want to marry again. Then the river girl comes in front of them with a smile and walks away with the prince.

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